Welcomto Allied Assortment 


Allied Assortment was established in 1997 when a group of likeminded individuals got together and formed the more formal group.  Since then we have been up and down the country entertaining and educating the public at a variety of locations.  Initially starting at Bletchley Park, we mainly concentrated on railway and vehicle shows.  We’ve since progressed to static displays, ‘battling’ and occasional film work, attending small, local shows, to large national shows and anything in between.

We portray a wide variety of allied aspects of the Second World War, including both military and Home Front, from front line troops, to Red Cross and civilian personnel, inc Resistance.  We are a family group and have evacuees alongside the adults.

The majority of our members live in and around the Milton Keynes area, though we have members from around the country.   We also have strong links with other similar groups and often display or work alongside them.

We’re a not-for-profit organisation, with any revenue generated by our activities being put back into the running costs of the group or a well-deserved drink at the end of year Dining In night. Our members all volunteer their services and are bound by their membership to behave responsibly and in a manner appropriate to the period being portrayed.

All members are also expected to be self-sufficient at shows, providing their own transport, accommodation and kit.  We only allow members to portray a service or role that would have been open to them during the period we represent.

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built up over the years and work hard to maintain our standard.