Events Gallery 2014.

Below are photo’s taken at last years events of the group.


Ashdown Camp, Evesham.

Photo's from the display at this years show. Although planned for the whole group, only two of us made it. Still a good show and dance in the evening.

Muckleburgh Collection.

Photo's taken at the display and nearby beach this year. Our first attendance here and we will be back. Great display and battle as well as beach storming after the public left.

Milton Keynes Museum.

Pictures from this years show. Our local show, quite a small event, but popular and well supported. Co displayed with Northern Forties RAF section.

Wicksteed at War.

Pictures from this years show, a first attendance for AA. An MVT show with good support and a good dance in the evening, coinciding with a beer festival.

Victory Show.

Pictures from our time at this show. This was our third visit to this show. A very busy weekend with aircraft, armour and re enactors, both in the woods and dug in on the grass.

Northampton & Lamport Railway.

Pictures from our last show of the year. We've attended this show since it started years ago. Normally a good battle here.